Our Services

  1. Free Government Contracting Assistance
    Government marketing can pose as a competitive and overwhelming base for rising businesses. Through our free and educational resources, businesses will be provided with all the opportunities it needs for success.
  2. Preparing quality proposals
    The Riverside PTAC can assist you in reviewing full solicitations and developing your proposal. Through a solid team environment, we can guide you through the most complicated solicitation packages.
  3. One-on-One counseling
    At no cost, the PTAC provides counseling assistance tailored to the specific needs of your business. You can make an appointment by filling out the counseling request form directly from our website.
  4. Networking opportunities
    The Riverside PTAC provides workshops and events where small businesses are encouraged to network with others. Networking opportunities include getting in touch with agency offices, prime contractors, subcontractors, federal agencies, and more.
  5. Competitive knowledge
    Take advantage of the variety of available resources the PTAC has to offer such as business opportunities and market research in regards to competitors.
  6. Government Registrations
    The Riverside PTAC can help you register for databases necessary for the government marketplace such as, SAM registration, SBA Dynamic Small Business Search, DUNS registration, ORCA and more.
  7. Industry Classification Codes
    A four digit code to classify your business establishment and keep substantial Federal statistics.
  8. Agency Market Research
    Our staff will assist your business in researching information for competitors or vendors associated with your product/ services.
  9. Marketing to Government Agencies
    Finding successful marketing strategies and attracting the government to your business is what the PTAC will focus on in regards to government contracting.
  10. Solicitation Review
    Finding solicitations through the PAC and learning to break them apart and understand them through experienced staff guidance.
  11. Bid Matching
    The Riverside PTAC can connect you to agencies that are in need of your product, and provide opportunities your business may be eligible to bid on.
  12. Wide Area Work Flow
    Our staff can still guide you after receiving a contract, assisting through issues with contract payment systems such as the WWAF and other contract payments.