NSWC Corona Division

Naval Surface Warfare Center, Corona Division

Keep America’s Navy #1 in the world by delivering high quality acquisition products to our customers and fleet while maintaining the public’s trust.

NSWC Corona Division Facts:

  • As a leader in the Navy’s research, development, test and evaluation process for nearly 50 years, the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Corona is a preeminent technical center for the Navy, Marine Corps, and the Defense Department
  • Home to three world-class, state-of-the-art laboratories
  • The Navy’s premier center for gauging warfighter capability by conducting performance, readiness, and quality assessments of weapons and integrated combat systems
  • Navy and Marine Corps range systems engineering experts that support training and test and evaluation ranges around the country
  • Serves as Department of Navy’s measurement and calibration engineering agent to ensure measurement accuracy for today’s precise, high tech combat and weapons systems
  • One of the largest employers in Riverside County and on the largest science and engineering sites in the region
  • More than $300 million in gross annual revenue
  • A designated Federal Laboratory with technology transfer office dedicated to commercialize unique technical capability to the private sector for business development in the region