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Vendor Yellow Pages
The Naval Surface Warfare Center, Corona Division will use this as a vendor list when doing market research for upcoming procurements.

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  • As a leader in the Navy’s research, development, test and evaluation process for nearly 50 years, the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Corona is a preeminent technical center for the Navy, Marine Corps, and the Defense Department
  • Home to three world-class, state-of-the-art laboratories
  • The Navy’s premier center for gauging warfighter capability by conducting performance, readiness, and quality assessments of weapons and integrated combat systems
  • Navy and Marine Corps range systems engineering experts that support training and test and evaluation ranges around the country
  • Serves as Department of the Navy’s measurement and calibration engineering agent to ensure measurement accuracy for today’s precise, high tech combat and weapons systems
  • One of the largest employers in Riverside County and one of the largest science and engineering sites in the region
  • More than $300 million in gross annual revenue
  • A designated Federal Laboratory with a technology transfer office dedicated to commercialize unique technical capability to the private sector for business development in the region.

To do business with the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Corona Division, you need the following:

Step 1 - DUNS Number

You must have a DUNS number before you can begin working with any federal contracting systems.

Step 2 - SAM Registration

Your SAM registration must be active.  If you are not familiar with SAM, please contact the Procurement Assistance Center.  This is a FREE registration and they can help you with this process.

Step 3 - CAGE Code

You must be assigned a CAGE code, if you don’t know your CAGE code please contact the Procurement Assistance Center.  They can help you identify this code.

Step 4 - NAICS Codes

The federal government uses NAICS codes to identify industries.  You must identify each code that fits your company’s capabilities.  The Procurement Assistance Center can help you identify these codes.

Step 5 - Set-Asides

Federal “Set-Aside” programs are part of how the government procures from Small Businesses.  It benefits you to be certified in the areas for which you qualify.  The Procurement Assistance Center can help identify these certifications with you as well as preparing for the application process.

Step 6 - Capability Statement

You need to be able to demonstrate your company’s past and present capabilities with all necessary information so our contracting team can quickly identify what your specialties are.

The Procurement Assistance Center has samples and can help you put together a quality document.

Step 7 - Wide Area Work Flow (WAWF)

You must be familiar with Wide Area Work Flow (WAWF) when working with the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Corona Division.  We require you use this system when invoicing us on contracts.  The Procurement Assistance Center can help train you on how to manage this system.


We recommend that if you need assistance with any of these items, please contact the Procurement Assistance Center.

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